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Do you share my need to release, shift, transform and re-connect?

I have to admit, I cannot believe it is almost 2022, already! And what a year it has been again!?! It may be that objective reality seems unreliable to you right now, and you might find that there’s no longer a solid reference point for what to expect. That’s because we are meant to let go of what we thought we knew about connecting and leading, which could include our ideas, expectations, and past experiences. Even though it can seem difficult, it is a beautiful opportunity to see this as a chance to evolve and take a more mature, conscious approach toward 'relating'. It is an opportunity to release old habits and ways of doing things that no longer serve us, both internally and externally. These last winter days before the new year, where we move from darkness into the light, where we brighten our houses with candles and wrap ourselves up in cosy blankets, are the ideal time to reflect, to look into our habits and patterns, to readjust our energy, and guide our mind and actions in such way that we step into our true power instead of giving it away to an outside source. With love I share with you some guidelines in order to reconnect with yourself: Try to be as flexible and open as possible, letting go of the need to come to any concrete conclusions. Ideally, you can see this as an opportunity to observe, be curious, and gather information, in order for you to learn more about where you want to put your energy in your life. Allow yourself not to try too hard and take this opportunity to reflect on what is worth your effort and energy, to choose your battles more thoughtfully. Certainly when you are someone who -like myself- has the tendency to be more impatient. During the upcoming weeks, you might ask yourself:

  • Can I slow down my actions enough to be more open to what I hadn’t planned for, and to let something emerge?

  • Do I jump to conclusions because I expect everything to remain the same?

If you feel overwhelmed, and have a lot to take on, try to connect to your deepest motivations and what drives your energy. You can use this time to take inventory of yourself and what works -and does not work- for you, to prepare for renewal. Doing so, open yourself up for possible magical changes, without getting overly attached to any outcome or any feeling. When you feel a strong urge to move forward and take action to accomplish your mission, or you feel inspired to commit to a new project and test yourself in some way, try to shift your perception from the outside to the inside for a moment, slow down, and investigate your need for inner healing - especially around finding the balance between working hard and taking it easy. Could this be a long-awaited shift? Perhaps you’ve been patiently expecting change to come so that you can take action, or is it the opposite, and have you been dreading this moment of confrontation because you feel afraid to face what you need to do? Ultimately, this is a time to go inwards and let what you love be like a medicine for your soul. Make sure that your motivations are aligned with your current beliefs, rather than outdated commitments. Ideally, you’re following your natural urges to fight for or protect something, rather than needing to argue, challenge or win just to prove a point or expend energy. You might ask yourself:

  • Am I climbing this mountain just because it’s there or because I said I would?

  • Should I save my energy?

  • What is truly worth my effort?

  • What motivates me at the deepest level?

  • How do I want to feel?

  • What energy do I want in my life?

  • What frequency do I want to embody each day?

  • How do I want to show up in life?

Ideally you can tap into what drives you on a deep level, connecting with your heart on a regular basis. This will allow you to move forward from a balanced place of inner strength. Do not let anything stop you from protecting what you truly love and are committed to. It is time to release, shift, and transform, along with a time to attract, welcome and usher in new energies. Ask yourself what you need to focus, and to commit to routines that make you show up as your highest self. By deciding what you do want, you prevent yourself from absorbing what is around you, swallowing your energy. Open the door to your heart! And if you wonder how? Don't hesitate to reach out to me. Wishing you a magical trip into 2022, Karen P.S.: For more inspiration, follow me on Instagram

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