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Your Life is as good as your Mindset

Your mind does what it thinks you want it to do.

Are you surprised to read this? Then I happily invite you to continue reading.

Your mind does what you tell it you want to do through the visions you feed it and the words you speak.

When you come to this planet, your brain has to make sure you survive, you live a long life, and put other humans on this beautiful globe. It is the way part of our brain has been wired for centuries, even though our current situation cannot be compared anymore to the one hundred of years ago. Your survival brain still has to look out for you and make sure you do not get hurt or experience any pain.

For instance, you eat something wrong and you get sick. As a result, your brain will make sure you do not eat it again. So, your brain is wired to find out what causes you pain and then avoid that at all cost for the rest of your life.

Imagine somebody being bitten by a dog at the age of 2 and at 52 years old still being afraid of dogs...

When you give your mind instructions, for example, to not eat something ever again, your minds’ number one job is to move you away from it.

What you aren't changing, you're choosing. Remember that.

What if every time you’re on your way home from work you are complaining about the commute, the traffic, how your boss is a pain in the neck, stressing you out all the time, and how you are dying under all the pressure? The only way your mind can move you away from that pain is by working out what the pain is, and in order to do so it must listen to the language you are using, since that is how you tell your mind what’s going on.Now, when you are driving in your car to work and you keep repeating: “Traffic is hell”, “I’m going to be late and my boss is going to kill me”, “I have to meet this client that is torture” etc. The only thing your mind will hear is: nightmare, hell, torture, killing yourself, … What do you think your mind will do? It obviously is going to say: “No, no, no, my job is to protect you, to keep you away from pain and this here sounds all very painful so I’ll do anything I can to get you away from that job and I will make you sick.”

Your thoughts inspire your emotions that inspire action that forms your reality

You need to be VERY CLEAR on what you tell your mind, because it listens to what you say whether this is right or wrong, positive or negative, healthy or unhealthy. It does not matter.

Do you understand now how first you make your beliefs and then those beliefs make you? And then you go out in the world, with these beliefs, and the world tends to honour and match whatever beliefs you are thinking, because your body will act in a way that absolutely matches your thinking.

Your mind learns through shock or through repetition. If you want to develop new habits you have to tell your brain and communicate in a proper way with it. Everything has to do with how you dialogue with your mind. In consequence, when you give yourself the wrong information you will give yourself the wrong results.

4 Tips to induce change:

1. Start turning around the negative words you use into positive ones

2. Be direct and specific in the way you talk to yourself

3. Have up-to-date communication with your mind

4. Start doing things you perhaps initially don’t like, telling your mind and body you like it and

see what happens

You get to choose all the time, so start making good choices!

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