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“Know who you are & be brave enough to live it”

My story

In 2016, after miraculously surviving a bomb exploding barely five meters straight behind me, I decided it had been enough. It was time to level up. Time to follow my dreams and challenge my awareness.

It was time to let that ‘rebel’ side out again, the intuitive visionary. I was done shrinking and conforming myself to what society perceived as ‘normal’. Many times, adversity had pushed me further, out of my comfort zone, made me agile when it came to change yet confronted me with my biggest demon, my insecurity. Now I was being forced to stand still, go inward, reflect; fight and embrace myself at the very same time. It was time to finally break free and start living life on my terms.

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“Don’t squeeze your amazingness into a square box. Take all the space you need and spill over the sides.”

Be your

truest self

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