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Rebirthing breathwork 

“Rebirthing Breathwork is about peace, healing and integration.

The focus is on breathing through emotions and sensations

without drama - the breath is the transformer and the harmonizer.

It has inherent intelligence.”

~ founder Leonard D. Orr

“The Rebirthing Breathwork technique works on a cellular level to uncover when, how and why past feelings were stored and how we reproduce them in life according to our sensory inputs. The subtle form of vibrational energy created during the breathing process permeates every cell and clears out the negative charge in the cellular memory of the body. In my personal opinion it is the softest yet most efficient way to break through blockages, suppressed emotions, stress and limiting beliefs.”

Rebirthing Breathwork is a complete technique that works mentally, physically, spiritually, emotionally and psychologically. It is considered entirely safe because the body and mind use their built-in protective mechanism to only uncover enough for our safety and security. During the session, a safe space is created to dive deep within yourself.  

As your support, I’m there to hold space for you, guide you and help you energetically. This way, you can unlock your energetic potential and activate your life force energy, making you feel vibrant, peaceful and alive.


“Our breath is one of the most powerful and accessible tools that we have to support our physical and emotional health and wellbeing. If you can change the breath, change the rhythm, you can change the emotion.”


  • Release old negative behavioural patterns and subconscious belief systems 

  • Integrate emotions and memories

  • A feeling of deep inner calm & creativity

  • Diminish anxiety and fear by reaching their root

  • Grow your consciousness

  • Boost self-confidence & awareness

  • Wash away stress & tension 

  • More focus

  • Increased energy

  • Easier and better decision making

  • Get in touch with deeper layers within yourself, resulting into a deeper connection with and knowledge of yourself, healing & growth towards new levels

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To pause.

To make space.

To collect your thoughts.

To remember.

To face the next moment.

To choose.”


Feel embraced and contact me

for more info on:

1:1 Rebirthing Session (Introduction)

3 Session 1:1 Rebirthing Integration

Full 10-session 1:1 Rebirthing Programme

Warm Water Rebirthing Breathwork



  Karen X. 

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