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My story

I realized it was 100% possible to let my pragmatic, down-to-earth, ambitious (yang) side live together with my spiritual, emotional intelligent, feminine (yin) side, or what I call, my gipsy soul, instead of pushing one of them out all the time. 

I felt like I was not allowed to show my strength and charisma

Even more, that it was perfectly O.K. to do so! Because exactly that is who I am: an authentic, daring, empathic woman with ambition who is the leader of her life and helps others to do the same.

As a child I had the innate ability to trust myself and rely on my intuition, always optimistic and smiling yet I already had a feeling of being different, older, feeling more and deeper than the common person. I loved to read and write stories, devoured books and had a creative internal world. Even though I always had good grades, as I grew up my family did not recognize nor encourage these innate abilities and even though I had some rebel, badass sparks flickering up once in a while, I felt like I was not allowed to show my strength and charisma. I was trying to be the good girl, the example, taking up her responsibilities. I felt stifled and at times my insecurities grew, because good was never good enough and I let go of certain powers, of my nature to shine.

Growing older I realized I am made up of many complexities and I intended to embrace them all, which made me struggle more than once. One way or another I repressed or refused to acknowledge other sides of myself in favour of what culture around me told me to be, a tactic that was the root of frustration and pain.

Adversity in life though kept pushing me further and further.  At a certain point I encountered life experiences that challenged me to go deeper and deeper – at times even made me lose my optimistic outlook. Though these situations were difficult, they were extremely valuable for my development; they forced me to delve into my entire range of emotions, not just the positive ones.


I learned that we can take on every challenge life throws at us and that regardless of any circumstance we face, life is full of possibilities. It also taught me to stand still, go inward – tap into my inner strength and self-love and reflect. It evolved in me accepting all parts of myself, no matter how different they seem and realizing they can all exist together. I know now that we need to claim our capable, powerful, dazzling qualities and lead from the heart – or else we’ll feel like something is missing.

We need to claim our capable, powerful, dazzling qualities and lead from the heart

I am independent and often determined to do things my way, stick to my deeply rooted norms and values, no matter what society thinks or believes. Doing so I found out that when we are able to put trust in ourselves we can feel comfortable making life up as it goes, effortlessly accomplishing things that would seem daunting to others. On those moments we should not apologize for ourselves and turn our blocks into creative manifestation. 

If we are able to embody our confidence, to align our different brains, instead of sitting back and waiting for permission, only then we take action to achieve our goals.

Karen X.

A few more things you might find interesting about me…



I am a recovering control freak 

Before going to university, I lived in Venezuela during a year

My favourite superpower is my intuition

I have travelled 45 countries by myself and love different cultures

I speak 5 languages

I am a photography and poetry lover

Pragmatic with a spiritual twist: Shamanic practitioner

I briefly worked on a cruise ship as an HR Manager

By the ocean I find myself at home 

Dancing is my therapy

I am an empath with HSP traits

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