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How is this different than therapy?

Therapy is appropriate for you if:

  • You have a mental health diagnosis that hinders  your everyday life. 

  • You struggle with substance abuse of any kind. 

  • You have  significant past trauma that’s unresolved. 

  • You struggle with depression or anxiety which  seriously impacts your ability to function. 

Coaching is appropriate for you if: 

  • You consider yourself mentally stable, past issues resolved and want to address  future goals. 

  • You have a specific road block  that you need help with, but it’s not in the realm of mental health. 

  • You want to  improve your confidence  and  spiritual growth. 

  • You want to get clear about your passion and take action toward it. 

  • You are ready to make  significant changes in your life. 

What do you expect from me?

  • A commitment to change  – just turning up to the sessions is not enough. You have to commit yourself to do the work and take responsibility for the outcome of the coaching. 

  • A commitment to the session  – turn up on time, take the opportunities when we’re together seriously and be present in each session. 

  • A commitment to the homework  – take responsibility for the mutually agreed upon actions each session. Often the greatest understanding, realizations and clarity come in between sessions. 

  • To be honest  – even if it’s difficult or uncomfortable because it’s in this space that the greatest changes happen. 

  • To challenge yourself  – you can play it safe sure, but if you really want to grow then up your game. You’ll be amazed at how small changes make a BIG difference. 

  • To have fun  – this is your life, your health, your dreams, your journey. Enjoy it, embrace it and have fun with it. Not everything will be serious, nor should it. Plus, I like laughing, it’s good for you! 

How do I know that coaching will work for me?

You might be a little skeptical and I  fully understand that it can be difficult to know whether coaching and/or working with ME  specifically as your coach will benefit your situation. You’re probably asking yourself: “Will this work or will it just be a waste of money?”  

I believe in supporting  you to make the right decision based on  experience and mutual respect. The first step is to  set up a ‘getting to know each other’ call  in order to make an informed decision whether or not we’re a good match to continue working together regularly. (There will be no pressure to continue.) 

Coaching can completely change your life  when there’s a good fit AND when both parties are 100% committed to the process. That means you  will be required to show up for yourself and do the work 

How many sessions does it take?

This  depends on your starting point and your goals. Have you been involved in personal growth work for many years or are you just getting started? Each client is unique. 


You may work with me  anywhere from one session  to three months to a whole year.  It really depends on whether you’re only looking to resolve something specific or you want  to totally transform your life/business. 

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