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Resilient blooming people


“EMOTIONAL Intelligence allows us to respond instead of react”

In general, the corporate world used to be very hard, analytical, emotionless and male-oriented. No matter our gender, we were taught that the only way to lead effectively is to eliminate, or at least swallow and hide emotions. 


Well, times are changing, new generations are rising and our world is shifting into a new ‘normal’ which will be reflected in all our (business) organizations, big or small. 

I have always been an

advocate for inclusive, authentic leadership

I have always been an advocate for inclusive, conscious leadership. In my opinion, courage, compassion, creativity and diversity should be applauded. They are and will always be key elements for living my full potential. However, many times, it seemed there was not enough room for a healthy dose of ‘rebellion’, vulnerability and ‘emotions’. It sometimes even felt as something almost dirty, a smudge, a high risk cost, to be kept as low as possible, instead of looking at what it could gain in the long run. 

Yet, we are all human and involved in business, and we should learn to work and embrace our inner guiding system in order to be able to forge honest, meaningful and trustworthy connections.  Certainly now, with the implementation of Artificial Intelligence.

To me, great leaders are genuine and authentic; they are who they are and never pretend to be someone else. Look at Martin Luther King, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Nelson Mandela, Arianna Huffington, Maya Angelou, for example. Used correctly and intelligently, emotions can take you and your team to places you haven’t been before; it can be the game-changer to high performance, personal leadership, energy management and much more.

“Change is inevitable, Growth is optional”

Where do I come in?

woman making notes for self-growth

Where do I come in?

As a coach, consultant, facilitator or HR Business Partner I find it incredibly fascinating to start with your questions, issues, wonderings. To listen, investigate and try to understand where YOU would like to end up with your organization, team or yourself; what it actually means for you to "Level Up!" and how I can help to achieve that goal.

Are you interested in






How can I develop myself into an authentic, courageous leader?

I want to do better and focus on improving my self-knowledge

How do I deal with my pitfalls?

How do I improve my management skills?

How do I motivate my employees and help them level up?

How do I improve my communication skills in order to increase my impact?

How do I stand strong in times of change?

Deeper connection with yourself & others - Grow in consciousness

Dissolve blockages on a cellular level 

Hold space for yourself & others - Improve trust & focus - Make better decisions

Wash away stress & tension

Bring the brilliant Humans out!

“I truly loved working with Karen, who is an absolute professional, one that is also very fun to work with! Her spirit and enthusiasm, combined with her profound knowledge of HR themes and her ability to truly be a business partner, are fantastic. Karen is versatile, a very strong communicator, multilingual and stands her ground. She is hands on and seems to be able to get everyone on board. She is a true asset to your team or company, one that has the energy to make it happen and will get things done.”

Katrien Driesen, Leadership & Competence Leader, Ikea

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