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The 11 Rules for Becoming Extraordinary

"Level Up! & Live in your True Power"

"Let go for the need of approval and become the leader of your life: It's time!"

In my career as HR manager, coach, consultant, as well as on my travels and amongst my friends, I have come across many talented extraordinary humans. Wherever I go I see fabulous, extraordinary wo-men who are either blind to their potential, too focused on what they still need to learn and/or experience in stead of their amazing qualities, or have the impression they need to act as a non-emotional creature in order to get some form of respect in a still patriarchic world.

They are depending on outside validation, waiting for permission to finally level up and lead from the heart. Does this hit home?

My mission as an empath, as a coach, is to change this, once and for all, so you can finally embrace life to the fullest and become your best version, leading with impact from the heart! We need to set ourselves free!

The world needs you, all of you! It is time to 'Level Up!', glorious wo-men. It is time to step into your extraordinary being and start living by these 11 Commandments :

1. Embrace your truth

Be fearlessly authentic. Embrace yourself. Know who you are and what you stand for.

2. Take a pledge

Promise yourself to be your own best friend, supportive forever & ever, and stay faithful to your dreams & goals, every step of the way.

3. Imagine it

What is the dream you almost don't allow yourself to have because it seems too crazy or unrealistic? Envision it!

4. Gasp

Start doing things that take your breath away and pump your adrenaline. Be like the kid that is afraid to jump into the pool but does it anyway.

5. Get a thick skin

I'm sorry to break this news to you, but you cannot being liked by every single person on this planet.

6. Remember flawless does not exist

Let go of perfectionism and apply the japanese philosophy 'Wabi-Sabi' or 'perfect imperfection'.

7. Become an arrogant b*tch/pr*ck! (joke)

I know you will not and you will never be because you are too kind, but on a scale from 1 to 10 (being 10 the arrogant b*tch/pr*ck), please do evolve more towards the arrogant side and voice your ideas, beliefs, stories etc. from a source of reflection but without overthinking.

8. Filter criticism

Friends and family, colleagues will try to give you advice or try to talk you out of certain plans, often with the best of intentions. Be carefully with what you take in, because most of the time they are only reflecting their own fears.

9. Don't wait for permission

Don't wait for an invitation to share your voice.

10. Reflect, recharge & restore

Abiding by all the above, you will push yourself more and more out of your comfort zone, so make sure you take enough 'me-time' to go inward, reflect, recharge and restore.

11. Spark others to find their light

Inspire other humans. Tell them how extraordinary they are, the talents and qualities you see in them, the potential they have but perhaps do not even recognise themselves.

Find here the full explanation of my 11 go-to Rules for Becoming Extraordinary, and download the beautifully designed guide for free.

The 11 Rules for Becoming Extraordinary
Download PDF • 12.62MB


Karen X

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