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The 4 domains of Trust

Human relationships and trust. It is and will always be a much-discussed topic, hence this little guide. Today I am not talking about trust in a spiritual way, but in a very human and grounded way, hoping these insights may serve you as an internal GPS when you discuss this topic with your colleagues, partner, friends or even with yourself ;-) Sure, levels of trust may and will vary, and in interaction with strangers I still mainly rely on my intuition, yet when we are talking about cultivating trust and deepening work or personal relationships, make sure to take these 4 traits in account: SINCERITY: Is there alignment between your private and public conversations; in your words, actions, and body language? Do you say what you mean and mean what you say? Can I believe you are the person you say you are? In short, 'Do you walk the talk?' COMPETENCE: Are you recurrently producing satisfying results for others (or yourself) in a particular field. Are you capable of meeting expectations? Can I trust you can show up for me as you say you will? RELIABILITY: Will you effectively manage and fulfil your commitments? Can you be counted on? Can I trust that you’ll show up? Can I depend on you? CARE: Are you emotionally involved in the relationship and outcome, and connected to the reason or context? Do you know and agree with “why” it’s important? Do you actually care about the situation or relationship? Do I trust that you’re emotionally invested? Do not shy away from talking through these 4 crucial elements with the people you really want or need to build a relationship of trust with, even if it might feel uncomfortable at first. Feel free to share and/or to reach out for further guidance! With Love, Karen

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