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What it means to live in your True Power

“They asked her,

What is true power?

She answered,

True power is living the realization that you are your own healer, hero, and leader.

It is when you share your truth with compassion and peace.

Your power grows when you make progress in your freedom and wisdom.

The powerful do not harm themselves or others, instead they use their energy to enrich all that they know with love.” - Yung Pueblo

A year after I had founded my business and – inspired by both my own experiences and ‘A course in miracles’ – had defined my ‘tagline’ (as they call it so beautifully in marketing terms), I was looking for a short description that would exactly capture what my interpretation of ‘living in your true power’ is, and I came across the above.

BAM! Spot on. Short and simple. Powerfully explained, where I would have needed too many words.

… and one day she realized she had become her own savior

The way towards true power, may not be an easy one, certainly not for an HSP with a highly developed yang side as myself. Yet, once you take that inward journey and start to embrace your feminine energy – your yin, truly connecting with your body and embracing your emotional intelligence, you will realize that you were very much stuck in a coping pattern, a sort of ‘survival mode’. And the moment you start to work with that pattern, to tackle it, you will be on your way to actual freedom and true power.

When you manage to work with these 5 anchors, you will get the desired result:

1. Go inward and look for the answer there; connect with your inner wisdom, or ‘old lady’ as I dare to call her, instead of going outward, blaming or shaming, take responsibility and become the leader of your life.

2. Know who you are, what your core values are, and what you stand for, to grow firm and steady while keeping an open mind.

3. Really get in touch and connect with your body; feel it, listen to it in order to ground yourself, anchor yourself and grow roots within yourself, so you can start playing with the wind.

4. Practice balancing your Yin & Yang, your female and male energy (which, to be clear, has nothing to do with gender!), to train both your emotional and strategical flexibility.

5. Truly connect with and feel your own energy field; so when you do feel others’ energy field, you don’t get overwhelmed but act from a calm, compassionate space, being aware of your own boundaries and intuition.

It will be easier to communicate your truth calmly, open and freely, from a place of deep knowing and compassion, no matter how many people criticize you, yell at you or shame you.

You will be able to confide in yourself as your number one hero, helper, provider. And that being said also be capable to delegate where necessary and ask for help when needed; without feeling embarrassed, ashamed, weak, incapable or a ‘beggar’.

Going with the flow, trusting, finding joy in whatever you do without locking up energies in your heart space and causing blockages as such, will be easier the more you practice all the above.

The better you get at energy management, the more you will be able to connect and communicate with your body, from a place of stillness, and the more freedom you will experience.

May this help you to really live in your true power!

Sat Nam (Truth is my Identity),


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